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  Japanese Laws concerning NORM

  If ore, rock, or building materials include higher concentration levels of radioactivity than those permitted by "Nuclear Reactor Regulation Law", the material is subjected to regulation, and the NRA notification is required.

Materials requiring notification Materials requiring Permission
Uranium or thorium exceeding the following predetermined levels:

- Radioactivity concentration 74Bq/g (solid condition: 370Bq/g)
- Quantity of uranium x 3 + quantity of thorium >= 900g
- Natural uranium, depleted uranium, and uranium compounds with the total amount exceeding 300 g
- Enriched uranium of any type.
- Thorium and thorium compounds with the total amount exceeding 900g
NOTE: A NORM (such as rock or building material) and materials containing U (uranium), Th (thorium) or Pu (plutonium) are not subjected to the "Laws Concerning the Prevention from Radiation Hazards due to Radioisotopes and Others".

For details on the "Laws Concerning the Prevention from Radiation Hazards due to Radioisotopes and Others" and the "Nuclear Reactor Regulation Law," see the following pages:
 - Laws and ordinances, standard, Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) (Japanese)
 - The Law Data Providing System, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Japanese)
  Japanese Guidelines for NORM

  Considering the risk of exposure of workers who handle NORMs, these materials should be governed by appropriate standards. Hence, the "Guidelines on the Security for Materials and Products Including Uranium or Thorium" publication was officially announced by MEXT on June 26, 2009. These guidelines provide basic advice for manufacturers and workers and is not a collection of laws or ordinances.

  In these guidelines, monazite, bastnaesite, zircon, tantalite, phosphorus ore, titanium ore, coal, purified uranium, and purified thorium are designated as materials to requiring regulation. Concentration of uranium or thorium exceeding 1 Bq/g is covered in these guidelines, which are to be revised on an ongoing basis according to the actual execution of security measures implemented at each factory.

 - Guideline for Ensuring Safety of Raw Materials and Products Containing Uranium or Thorium
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