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The contents of the National Institute of Radiological Sciences (hereinafter "NIRS") website are provided by NIRS with the following conditions of use. It is assumed that all the users visiting this website have agreed to the Site Policy.


The copyright (or intellectual property rights) of all texts, graphical images such as illustrations, graphs, photo images, etc., sounds and movies are the intellectual property of NIRS unless stated otherwise. Licensing and assignment to third parties, reproductions, reprints, use for not originally intended purposes and alterations are strictly prohibited without the express written permission of NIRS.


NIRS pays utmost attention to the information provided on its website. NIRS, however, never guarantees the reliability and safety of its website, and is not liable for any damages that may arise from visiting its website or the use of the information available on its website.

NIRS may change or delete information on its website and suspend or stop its operation without notice. For whatever reason, NIRS is not liable for any damages due to the change and/or deletion of information, or resulting from the suspension or cancellation of its website.


In principle, no permission is required to create a link to NIRS website. However, creating a link to NIRS website from websites applicable to the following contents or operation is prohibited.

  1. A website that offends public order and morals
  2. A website with contents that violate or could violate laws and regulations
  3. Any website that construes NIRS website as being a part of it

In creating a link to NIRS website, please explicitly indicate so.

Changes in the Site Policy

NIRS may change its site policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be posted on the NIRS website.


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