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International Open Laboratory

 The NIRS International Open Laboratory (IOL) started at the end of 2008 due to great efforts of Profs. Ohtsura Niwa and Hirohiko Tsujii, having created an environment where young researchers can engage in advanced research with the support of distinguished scientists in the world. The first term IOL consisted of three units, and Prof. Anders Brahme (Karolinska Institute, Sweden), Prof. Penny Jeggo (Sussex University, U.K.), and Prof. Tom Hei, (Columbia University, USA) paired up with selected NIRS researchers and performed active international collaborative research. Following a successful completion of the first term, the same vibrant spirit continues for the second term IOL which started in April 2011 for three years with four units. Two new distinguished scientists, Prof. Jac Nickoloff (Colorado State Univ., USA) and Prof. Marco Durante (GSI, Germany) joined us for the second term in addition to the former three professors. Collaborative publications in international journals are increasing and articles on IOL have appeared in the web sites of foreign organizations. We are hoping that NIRS IOL becomes a good model for international collaborations.

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