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Human Resource Development

Fostering human resource in the research field of molecular imaging is one of the important missions of the NIRS. We promote efficient training in collaboration with several universities in multiple fields such as medicine, pharmacology, biology, chemistry, and physics, in order to develop human resources in the molecular imaging field. For its part, the "Molecular Imaging Teaching Course" is held in the Graduate School of Tohoku University from 2006.

Partner Schools
Name Major/Course
Chiba University
Graduate School & Faculty of Engineering
Artifical System Science
Yokohama City University
Graduate School of Medicine
Doctoral Degree Program
Tohoku University School of Medicine Molecular Neuroimaging
Tohoku University
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Science & Faculty of Parmaceutical Sciences
Molecular Imaging Pharmaceutical Science
Tohoku University
School of Engineering
Department of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering
Hiroshima University
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Programs for Biomedical Research
Division of Genome Radiobiology and Medical Science
University of Fukui
Faculty of Medical Sciences
Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Faculty of Health Sciences
Graduate School of Human Health Sciences
Hokkaido University
Graduate School of Medicine
Internal Medicine
Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
Comprehensive Radiological Science
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine / Faculty of Medicine
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