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Biophysics Program

Biophysics Program Director Yasuhisa Fujibayashi (Ph.D.)


Department of Biophysics consists of two teams, one is to develop next-generation PET equipments and another one is to develop methods for imaging data analyses. We aim to develop ultra-high resolution PET camera and new concept PET camera "OpenPET", and to develop the methods for quantitative analyses of in vivo imaging obtained from PET, MRI, and two-photon microscopy. Using these techniques, we will measure physiological parameters in vivo as a basis of diagnosis and treatment.

(Research Team)
 Imaging Physics Team
  Team Leader : Taiga Yamaya, Ph.D.
 Imaging Physiology Team
  Team Leader : Yasuhisa Fujibayashi, Ph.D.
  Assistant Director : Yoko Ikoma , Ph.D.
Program Members
  Masao Takeichi (Technical Staff)
  Takayuki Obata
  Mariko Yamasaki
  Madoka Ohno
  Masumi Tanaka
E-mail : biohp@nirs.go.jp

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