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Molecular Probe Program

Molecular Probe Group Director Ming-Rong Zhang (Ph.D.)



Main task of this group are development novel PET probe that is useful for clinical research and imaging of biological function and manufacturing high quality PET probes for clinical research. Additionally, we are performing several researches involving radionuclide production technique, new labeling reactions, etc. Based on this performance, we are promoting standardization of PET probes and technology transfer.

(Research Team)
 Molecular Probe Chemistry Team
  Team Leader : Ming-Rong Zhang, Ph.D.
 Radiopharmaceutical Production Team
  Team Leader : Kazunori Kawamura, Ph.D.
  Tsutako Izuta
  Noriko Nakamura
  Yoshino Onobuchi
  Yuriko Takahashi
Tel : 043-206-4039
E-mail : probe-2@nirs.go.jp
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