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Diagnostic Imaging Program
Diagnostic Imaging Program Director Tsuneo Saga,M.D.,Ph.D.


This program focuses on research of cancer imaging using functional imaging modalities such as PET. We are aiming to develop and establish molecular probes to clarify the pathophysiological processes in cancers and other diseases and to evaluate their clinical usefulness. We are also developing probes that can detect the expression of various molecular targets in cancer cells and multifunctional probes equipped with multiple functionalities.

research introduction

We are conducting clinical research on PET using molecular probes that can depict various characters of cancer such as proliferation and hypoxia. We are also conducting preclinical research to clarify pathophysiological processes by the combination of molecular probes and reporter imaging.

[ Research Team ]
 Pathophysiology Imaging Team
  Team Leader : Takako Furukawa, Ph.D.
 Molecular Targeted Imaging Team
  Team Leader : Atsushi Tuji, Ph.D.
 Multimodal Molecular Imaging Team
  Team Leader : Ichio Aoki, Ph.D.
 Senior Researcher
  Ryuichi Nishii, M.D. , Ph.D.
Program Members
(Visiting Researcher)
  Masayuki Inubushi
  Mitsuru Koizumi
  Makoto Hosono
  Kazuko Anami
  Fumiko Kamishima
  Sakiko Komai
  Sumi Sasaki
Tel : 043-206-3429
E-mail : diagnos@nirs.go.jp

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