Research Center for Charged Particle Therapy


Research Center for Charged Particle Therapy

 The Research Center for Charged Particle Therapy was established in 1993 when NIRS completed construction of the HIMAC (Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator in Chiba). Since then its researchers have been carrying out clinical, biological and physics studies using heavy ions generated from the HIMAC. Many clinical experiences of carbon ion radiotherapy in various types of malignant tumors have led the Research Center to succeed to the development of the therapeutic technology. In 2003, our technology was authorized as the "Advanced Medical Technology" from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor. Thus, our carbon ion radiotherapy has achieved the steadfast status in general practice of cancer treatment.
 Moreover, the HIMAC has also served as a multi-user utilization facility for medical, biological and physics research. Hundreds of researchers including overseas have used this machine system for their diverse studies.
 As seen above, we concentrate our great efforts and knowledge to focus on improving the Charged Particle Therapy as a most sophisticated-cancer treatment.

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